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Let me help you start your real estate investing career with 5 MUST HAVE Resources

I'm the host of this real estate podcast

I am the host of Just Start Real Estate.  I am a real estate investor, husband, and father.  I started my real estate investing career of few years back and have since done several very profitable real estate flips. 

Along the way I have learned a lot and get approached all of the time by new real estate investors who have questions about real estate investing.  I have helped a lot of them, but I noticed a real lack of good real estate advice in the industry. 

All of the gurus ask you to spend a ton of money before you really get any actionable advice.  It has always bothered me and I am here to try to solve the problem.

This podcast is dedicated to giving you the truth about real estate investing – the good, the bad, and the ugly so that you can make informed decisions on about how to spend your efforts in the world of real estate.

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"This content just blows my mind! The structure, format and the way that the guests hold nothing back are such a refreshing change. Highly recommended!"

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