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303 – Joe Fairless–Buy-and-hold Expert

Today I’m interviewing Joe Fairless, the founder of Fairless Investing. Joe controls over seven million dollars in real estate. He’s also the host of a top-rated investing podcast called Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. He started investing in single-family homes in 2009 while working a full-time advertising job in New York City. He made the switch…

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293 – Accountability Is Key

Today we’re going to talk about accountability. It’s not a real estate thing; it’s a business thing and even a life thing. Whenever you’re stepping out of your comfort zone or trying to do something bigger than you’ve ever done before, having people in your life keeping you accountable is critical. That’s a big part…

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279 – Tony Robbins – The Keys To Massive Success

Today I want to share with you an inspirational talk similar to the one we listened to last week. It’s a fairly quick talk by life coach Tony Robbins meant to inspire you and help you set your New year’s resolutions. But let’s not wait until January to think about our goals! Listen to this talk…

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