230 – Sid Siddiqui–Online Lead Generation Expert

My guest today is Sid Siddiqui, an incredible real estate investor who is generating virtually all of his leads online. His life is all about real estate and real estate marketing strategies.

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Sid has been investing in various niches of real estate for about five years now, starting from wholesaling to rehabbing to his latest niche of owner financing real estate. He feels that it’s extremely rewarding for him to help home owners and home buyers achieve their piece of the american dream through owner financing. He also collects rental properties across Dallas-Fort Worth, teaches and mentors new real estate investors, runs and speaks at a variety of real estate clubs, organizations, and events, and manages a company that offers a variety of real estate investor services to investors and realtors, mostly specializing in non-traditional real estate strategies.

A lot of people are familiar with finding leads on the MLS or sending out yellow letters and postcards, but they’re intimidated by the online stuff. Sid was an IT professional for over ten years before getting really involved in real estate. The first property he flipped was from the MLS, but he soon started looking for alternative ways to find properties. Being an IT guy and a self-described social media geek, he quickly started a Facebook page for his business and that led him to realize how quickly and easily he could connect with people online. He’s now managed to put his online marketing machine on auto-pilot. Marketing online is no longer just about having a website, but it’s about going where potential customers are online and connecting with them. Sid described his online marketing machine as consisting of three things:

  1. Lead Generation: Sid goes over extensive research on how ineffective advertising through the yellow pages or newspapers has become. Meanwhile, more and more people are on social media and start every search for a business online. Your potential customers are using social media and the internet to connect and make their buying decisions. Sid’s most important marketing procedure is online SEO. He started with a simple Facebook fan page to connect and socialize with other users. Every day, even without any marketing, he gets three or four leads a day through his Facebook page. He drives online traffic from Facebook to his website, which in turn helps him appear higher in a Google search. In fact, most of Sid’s motivated sellers are coming from Facebook, followed by people finding his business through a Google search. He emphasizes that your website needs to include certain keywords so that it appears in every search, whether these keywords are in tags and metadata, blog posts, or videos. Make sure to listen to the interview for examples of useful keywords and how they can affect search results!
  2. Lead Capturing: The next step is a call-to-action on the first page of your website. Sid’s website runs a video automatically on why to sell your house. The video goes over different strategies for selling a house, and the first page presents a form to put in your name, email address, and phone number. This contact information is crucial because Sid can use it to keep checking in with sellers in the future.
  3. Lead Conversion: It’s important not to miss out on any leads, so Sid uses a virtual call center whose assistants make sure to get contact information from potential sellers. He then contacts these sellers at their convenience and often arranges to meet them personally. If he meets with someone in person, he will always give them an offer. Once you connect with a seller, you have to keep following up with them until they’re motivated. Sid puts them on auto-responders from his website so that every twenty or thirty days they receive a reminder email checking in with them. He says that sellers have even called him years after he initially got in contact with them!


Sid’s Seller Website

Sid’s Investor Website

Sid’s Facebook Page

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  1. Janine Fonseca on 09/23/2014 at 3:19 PM

    I loved this podcast. I got so many concrete ideas out of it, as well as a better understanding of SEO. Thanks again!

    • Mike Simmons on 09/23/2014 at 3:27 PM

      Thanks Janine! I agree Sid is a wealth of knowledge!

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