245 – Noah St John – Making success automatic


In this episode, I interview Noah St. John. Noah is the author of an amazing new Hay House book called The Book of Afformations: Discovering The Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. In addition to being an author, Noah is an accomplished speaker and is sought after all over the for his insightinspirational and motivational message.

NoahHeadshot-hires-228x300This interview really got me motivated to up my game this year. Noah is incredibly insightful; you will be blown away after listening to this interview, and be ready to go out there and break down the barriers that keep you from being everything that you can be!

Noah had an interesting beginning to his life. He grew up dirt poor in Kennebunkport, one of the wealthiest communities in Maine. A constant argument between Noah’s parents when he was growing up was about money. They worked very hard, but just didn’t have a lot of money. He saw money all around him in the community, but just didn’t have any. He also had no one to talk to, so he went to the library and read books from some of the best-known authors in the field of achievement and personal growth; authors like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.

Fast forward to 1997. Noah found himself in college for the second time with only $800 to his name. He was divorced, broke, and unhappy. All of his worldly possessions were literally in a dorm room the size of a large closet.

It was at this time in 1997 that Noah had an epiphany–while taking a shower, of all places! His epiphany was basically that the human brain responds to questions better than it responds to statements that it doesn’t believe to begin with. So, when you ask yourself a question, your brain immediately seeks answers. When you make a statement that isn’t true, such as an affirmation like “I am rich,” your brain simply says “No, I’m not.”

What Noah discovered was that, through asking yourself empowering questions, your brain was able to work on coming up with incredible answers. This is what he calls afformations.

Noah’s afformations are an incredibly powerful concept. It could very well change the way people view personal growth and development. Tune into this episode and listen to it in its entirety. I know you’re going to be blown away by this concept, and ready to start using afformations in your own life!


www.afformationsbook.com – Noah’s book all about afformations!

noahstjohn.com – Noah’s website

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