175 – My Rental–Landlord University Interviews Me!

In this episode, I am going to share an interview that I gave for Landlord University. Landlord University is a podcast sponsored by Rent Prep, the company I use to do all of my background screening for my rentals. We actually decided to do a simulcast interview, which means that I intended for it to be an episode of this podcast, and they are also running it as an interview on their podcast. I think the collaboration turned out to be very interesting and revealing, especially for new landlords. This is a very long episode, so you might want to break it into a couple of sessions. I hope you stick with it until the end, because there is a lot to be learned from the lessons here.

This is an interesting show because I am both the presenter and the interviewee.  At this point, most of you know that I am primarily a house flipper. I do also have a rental, and am in the process of acquiring more. Because I am a relatively new landlord and do not have all of my systems perfected, there is plenty of opportunity to learn. I think it is important for me to share this learning process with you, my audience. This podcast is all about helping new real estate investors get their questions answered. Sometimes, as an experienced house flipper, it is difficult for me to get completely into the mind of a brand-new house flipper. Being a landlord, however, is relatively new to me, so I am hoping that my questions and concerns are shared by some of you.

In this episode, I am going to be sharing the results of my background checks on three applicants.  Of course, we will not be sharing the names of the applicants. We will simply identify them as application A, B, & C. It’s pretty interesting to dive into both the paper qualifications and the in-person interactions that I had with the applicants. The guys over at Rent Prep and Landlord University podcasts are just awesome! They add a ton of value as background check and landlord experts. You hear us break down the applications, and make sense of everything. I offer my opinions on the personalities of the applicants and what my gut feelings were on all of them.

You hear us discuss, at length, an application that was just horrible– judgments, collection agencies, providing false information, etc. We also discuss a few applications that were good and bad in different ways, and we work through the thought process of choosing the right tenant.

This episode is an interesting and compelling case study of one of my very own rentals. I think the insight and information that we share is incredibly useful.

Make sure to check  out Landlord University and Rent Prep! Rent Prep is my go-to company for running background checks on potential tenants. They are the best! 

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