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Matt_Theriault (2)Matt Theriault is an entrepreneurauthorsuccess coach, and host of Do Over, a weekly podcast inspiring “come back” stories that teach people how to start over with ease, speed, and lasting success.

Also the creator of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast, Matt focuses on financial education, the importance of multiple streams of income, and teaching people how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing.

Having spent 15 years developing a successful career in the music industry, Matt lost it all when digital downloads killed the CD distributor. At the age of 34, he found himself flat-broke and bagging groceries. Without a “plan B,” he was forced to learn something new.

Through consistent action and self-education, he’s been able to rise again using real estate as his reinvention vehicle. Matt is best known for his seamless blending of personal development and actionable steps to achieving financial independence through real estate.

Matt is the founder of the Epic Pro Academy, as well as the acclaimed author of Do Over.

Even though Matt started out as a real estate agent, he definitely does not recommend that everyone go that route. It’s just not necessary, according to Matt, in order for you to achieve success in real estate. He did it because he thought that that was what he was supposed to do.

As of the recording of this podcast, Matt’s current portfolio consists of 188 doors, and is evenly distributed between single-family and multi-family properties.

Matt currently invests in several different states and works with many different investors. Many investors that he works with have the money, but neither the time nor the inclination to invest in real estate; they partner with Matt in order to leverage his knowledge and experience.

Matt’s experience is unbelievable! This is an interview that you simply have to listen to. Please check it out!


www.matttheriault.com– to learn more about Matt

www.yourdoover.com – Matt’s weekly podcast based inspiring “come back” stories

www.epicrealestate.com – Matt’s real estate podcast

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