EP 53: Kimanzi Constable–Day 2 of Inspiration Week

Episode 53 Kimanzi Constable

This episode is the second installment of my week-long motivational series. This week I will be bringing you interviews from some of the top motivational and success experts in the world! Over the last few weeks, I have given you my nine-step process for starting your real estate investing career. I want to take a short break from pure real estate shows and provide you with some of the best motivators in the business. I would like you to work on the nine steps I’ve given you, listen to these interviews, and let them be a spark in your real estate engine!


In this episode, I interview Kimanzi Constable. Kimanzi is a former bread delivery guy who self-published two books that completely flopped. He then figured out this internet thing, and has now sold over 80,000 copies. His first traditionally published book came out on May 1st of 2013. He is an international speaker, life coach, and consultant. His mission is to help people figure out what their dreams are and how to make those dreams their reality.

Kamanzi’s early career was a life that he described as “existing,” but not really living. He owned a six figure bread business, had employees in various states around the country, and was financially successful, but he was very unhappy. Other than the fact that, due to the nature of his business, he only got 3 to 5 hours of sleep per night for 12 years, he was also not making an impact on anyone else’s life in a positive way. His work was very unsatisfying and not at all fulfilling.

Kimanzi had been journaling his thoughts and aspirations online for a while. A¬†few years back, he began to see the popularity of e-books and decided to give it a try. He did what he considered to be marketing at the time (although now he realizes he really wasn’t effectively marketing the book at all), and had very little success. In fact, his first book only sold five copies!

Everything changed when a young man contacted him because he had read one of his blog posts. He told Kimanzi that, because of this blog post and the inspiration he had gotten from it, he was going to quit his job the next day. Kimanzi told the young man that he did not want him to quit his job, but instead gave him a plan and a roadmap for getting to a point when he could quit his job and move on to something better. The young man eventually got the job of his dreams ,and he and his wife called Kimanzi.They were both crying as they told Kimanzi about the new job and increased pay, and how much Kimanzi had done for them. From that point on, Kimanzi decided that, whether or not he ever made money from it, he was determined to help people.

When I asked Kimanzi about the benefit or usefulness of affirmations, he said that affirmations along with actions can be powerful; the key is to not give in to negative thoughts. He said that, unfortunately, this is what most people do.

Sometimes the negativity does not come from inner voices, but rather from those around you who drag you down with all of their negativity and doubt. Kimanzi suggests that it might be necessary to cut out certain people who drag you down and bring only negativity.

Here is the advice that Kimanzi would give to anyone who’s about to start an endeavor and needs the right mindset and motivation:

  1. Join like-minded people who are a little farther down the road in their endeavor than you, and learn from them.
  2. Research your topic, and understand the ins and outs of anything that you’re about to attempt.
  3. Cut out the negative things in your life and incorporate more positive things.
  4. Take small steps that lead to bigger steps, and eventually to the realization of your ultimate goals.


Kimanziconstable.com – Kimanzi’s website where you can find all about him, getting contact with him, and see the products and services that he offers.

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