35 – Kenneth Vogt

In this episode, I interview Kenneth Vogt. Kenneth is a true entrepreneur and an expert in the area of being very clear on what you want and then executing that vision. Kenneth talks about his past business experience, as well as about his current company, Veraclaritas, where he helps small business owners get very clear on their goals.

Kenneth describes himself as a lifetime entrepreneur. He has run his own business for the past 35 years. In his earlier career, prior to being an entrepreneur, Kenneth served for two years as the principle solutions architect for a very successful dot com, which later sold for $3.2 billion!

Kenneth’s true love has always been working with small businesses. Kenneth’s business focuses on finding out where the small business owner has hit a wall, and then helping them get through that wall. Sometimes it’s a matter of helping them pull the trigger on whatever business plan they have. Sometimes it’s about helping them get to a point when their business can sustain them financially. Finally, sometimes it’s about teaching them, and getting them to a point when their business can scale and move to the next level.

I asked Kenneth what keeps people from taking action on the things they want, and his answer was very clear and simple: people fail to take action because of fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, or fear of what other people will think.

Having an attitude of success and putting yourself in the mindset of achieving your goals has to do with the story you tell yourself. If you have been telling yourself that you’re not good enough or smart enough, then you need to change the story. You can change the story you tell yourself and get a different result.

According to Kenneth, one of the key characteristics of people who are living a fulfilled, happy life is the ability to be in the momentfully aware of the things around them, and able to appreciate and enjoy them at that moment.


Veraclaritas.com – Kenneth’s website

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