27 – Justin Williams

Untitled-1 copyIn this episode, I interview Justin Williams, a full-time real estate investor in Southern California. Justin has been a full-time real estate investor for 6 ½ years and is currently flipping over a hundred houses per year. His web site is houseflippingHQ.com, where he teaches people to flip houses. He recently launched his houseflippingHQ podcast on iTunes, which has been the top ranking podcast in business and education many times since it started last month.

In May of 2007, Justin and his wife attended their first real estate boot camp. There was a $15,000 entry fee but Justin was hopeful and optimistic that he would learn everything he needed to know about real estate investing from this “guru”. Unfortunately, Justin and his wife found out very quickly that this so-called mentor was basically an information marketing salesman who knew very little about real estate investing.

Justin started off buying short sales. It took several months to close on the first one, but he kept pushing ahead and eventually found success.

In the first four years, Justin did approximately 50 real estate deals. But last year, he flipped a hundred houses in the Southern California market. The incredible thing is that Justin does not spend hours and hours a day flipping all of these houses; he has created systems in his business and, with the help of his assistant, he does all of this in only a few hours a week. He admits that his assistant essentially runs the entire real estate flipping business!

Justin explained that his system relies heavily on his team of realtors and contractors, along with his assistant. He indicated that, of the hundred houses that he buys, he really doesn’t do any of the rehab estimating, and he doesn’t even see a lot of the houses that he buys before he gets them under contract. This makes sense when you consider that a hundred houses purchased means that many more were considered. When your business has scaled like Justin’s, you must have a solid team around you for everything to execute as planned.

In any given month, Justin and his company are in the process of purchasing, rehabbing, or selling, between 30 and 40 properties. Justin is purchase properties ranging in cost from $15,000 all the way up to $3.8 million. Essentially, at this point in his career, he is able and willing to go wherever the deals are, and purchase houses purely based on their ability to turn a profit. That is the power of volume and the power of experience.

In Justin’s business, he and his team spend 75% of their time in acquisition mode. In other words, most of their efforts are focused on locating and purchasing properties. This is where Justin thinks most real estate investors should spend the bulk of their time.




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