54- Farnoosh Brock–Day 3 of Inspiration Week


This episode is the third installment of my week-long motivational series. This week I will be bringing you interviews from some of the top motivational and success experts in the world! Over the last few weeks, I have given you my nine-step process for starting your real estate investing career. I want to take a short break from pure real estate shows and provide you with some of the best motivators in the business. I would like you to work on the nine steps I’ve given you, listen to these interviews, and let them be a spark in your real estate engine!


In this episode, I interview Farnoosh Brock. Farnoosh is a multi-passionated entrepreneur, a published author, speaker, business coach, and personal development blogger. She started her own media and publishing company, Prolific Living Inc., after leaving a 12-year successful career at a Fortune 100. She teaches professionals going through a “mid-career crisis” how to move up the corporate ladder, or get out to start their own business. Learn more about her programs at http://www.smartexitblueprint.com and http://www.fasttrackpromotion.com.

This interview is so powerful that I think you’re going to want to listen to it more than once. It was truly one of my favorite interviews so far! Farnoosh is very inspirational, extremely articulate and intelligent, and really gets to the heart of what keeps us from achieving our ultimate dream life.

Farnoosh is an amazing woman with a very impressive and successful background that consists of a number of corporate jobs, including engineering, technical writing, sales operations, project management, etc. Still, she was looking for that ultimate fulfillment that we all desire. It took her a few years of being incredibly unhappy at her job to decide that she needed a new start, and that happiness was going to be a top priority for her.

Farnoosh discussed hiring her husband at her business, and how wonderful that partnership can be. It is important to work out the details ahead of time: things like division of labor and what each person brings to the table in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Once that is established, the partnership can be really powerful!

We then discussed the fact that Farnoosh recently got in an automobile accident. After the accident, she realized that she is doing exactly what she is meant to do in life! This is really interesting, considering many people take inventory of their life after a near-death experience and realize they want to change a lot of things they are not happy about. Farnoosh is exactly the opposite–she knew, after the accident, that she was doing her life’s work! What an incredibly awesome realization! How many of us think that we would feel the same if we were faced with a near-death experience?

We also discussed the fact that Farnoosh’s family was a little shocked by her decision to leave the corporate world. They were not in full support of her decision, and that taught her that it’s okay if people don’t understand what you are trying to do. You need to believe in yourself and have the confidence to not require the approval of everyone around you.

We took quite a bit of time to discuss a recent post on her blog. It was titled: 9 Mistakes that Rob You from Living Your Dream Life. Here is the list (taken from Farnoosh’s blog at www.prolificliving.com):

  1. You wait for the right time and conditions.
  2. You look for approval from others.
  3. You think you need a ton of money.
  4. You hope it will all happen by itself.
  5. You question your own talents and brilliance.
  6. You judge your ability based on your past mistakes.
  7. You don’t believe you deserve to be that happy.
  8. You are afraid it will be too hard to achieve your dream life.
  9. You count on luck to come around, and leave your life to chance.

We broke each of these down, and she gave a short additional explanation of each. If you go to her blog and check out this post you will see additional details there as well.

I pulled a quote from her post that I thought was especially powerful, and we discussed it in a bit more detail. The quote is as follows:

Later murders dreams.

We also talked about the misconceptions of failure and success.

One of the misconceptions of failure is that, if you fail, you will not be able to survive it. The fact of the matter is that most of us have failed more than once in our lifetime, and have lived through it and probably even gotten stronger as a result. So thinking that we won’t survive failure is definitely a misconception.

One of the misconceptions of success is that you are completely ready for it when it happens. The fact of the matter is that most people are not prepared for success.

The interview contains far more information than I can give you here in the show notes. I encourage everyone to listen to this episode at least once. The concepts and insights that Farnoosh shares are unbelievably powerful!


www.prolificliving.com – Farnoosh’s blog. It’s packed with great information and insights!

www.smartexitblueprint.com – Learn how to quit your job and start your own business.

www.fasttrackpromotion.com – Learn how to get promoted in your chosen career.

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