126 – Commit To Getting It Done!

In this episode, I cover the idea of commitment.  Commitment is a little different than massive action.  I have talked about massive action on past shows.  Commitment is a deeper look into the idea of making your business successful.

If you do not know my feelings on taking massive action, then you must be new to this podcast.  Seriously though, I have talked many times about how strongly I feel that massive action is critical to starting and running a successful real estate business, or any business for that matter.  What I want to talk about today is the combination of both massive action AND commitment.  Massive action may take you to where you are trying to go, but very often, it also takes a deep commitment. Massive action can be short lived without a deep commitment to make successful.

I think that commitment also implies a direction and purpose.  Commitment is the glue that will keep you from being ripped apart by challenges that you will certainly face in this business. Commitment is what will make you get back up on the horse when you fall off (or are knocked off). Commitment is your purpose, the reasons that keep you pushing through adversity when others might have quit.

You commitment is developed from asking yourself “why?”  Why is starting and having a successful real estate investing company important to you?  Why do you feel that you MUST be successful? The answer to these questions is what is going to propel your company forward and make you successful when others quit!

Commitment without massive action is really not very strong.  Massive action without commitment isn’t going to last long and will probably ultimately fail.

Commit to making your business successful and it will happen!

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