99 – You Don't Have to Know Everything to Get Started

In this episode, I discuss the mindset of not having to be an expert in real estate investing before you become a real estate investor. A lot of people feel like they have to be an absolute expert in every aspect of real estate before they can dive in and start their business. This is simply not true, and it’s a myth that I do not want you to believe!

Real estate investing at its core is not a very complicated business. A lot of new real estate investors try very hard to overcomplicate this business, and it often keeps them from getting started. Even though there are things that you should know before you start, most things can be learned as you go, and there are other people you can turn to for help. For example, if you don’t know how to fill out a purchase agreement and make an offer for real estate, you can and should use a realtor. I don’t think I have ever filled out a purchase agreement on my own. I’ve always had a realtor do this for me. I simply sign and initial in the appropriate spots. Why would I ever take the time to really understand how to fill out a purchase agreement when it’s an unnecessary skill for me to master? This is part of the realtor’s job description and part of their training. I simply don’t have to master it.

I have never re-wired an outlet in a wall before. Why should I? Does having that skill help me become a better real estate investor? Does it allow me to make more money? Is there any value in me learning how to re-wire the house?

Prior to becoming a real estate investor, I had never hired a contractor to do any real major work on a house before. Should that stop me from doing it? Absolutely not! It’s a skill that I acquired with ¬†experience.

The point is that there are a lot of skills related to real estate investing that you do not have to master. And there are a lot of things that you will do as a real estate investor that you will learn along the way. ¬†Like I talked about in episode 98, massive action will get you much farther than trying to be a master of every little aspect of real estate. I can tell you from experience, anything about real estate investing that you don’t know, you can ask for help with. Whether it be someone you meet at a local real estate investing meeting, a local guru, a coach, an online forum, or a mastermind, there’s always someone who you can turn to for help dealing with the minor hurdles you will encounter.

The name of this podcast is Just Start Real Estate. I call it that because I truly want you to take action and launch your real estate investing business! I do not want you to spend years trying to become an expert in every little aspect of the business. You will learn more faster by doing than you will by reading and studying. I would never suggest being reckless or careless; take reasonable precautions and do some due diligence, but then take action. It all comes down to action.

If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who has created a successful real estate investing business and I’m sure they will tell you: nothing worked until they got out there and took action.

Go take action today.

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