97 – A Private Money Discussion With Eric Tomei

3182da2In this episode, I have my first return guest ever! I talked with Eric Tomei about private investors. Eric has been attracting and working with private investors for over seven years. He and I have an unscripted conversation about private investors that I think you will find extremely interesting. We don’t hold back at all!

This episode was all about having a very real, unscripted conversation between two real estate investors who have been using private funds to finance all of their deals over the past several years. Before we went on air, I asked Eric to be as open and forthcoming as possible when talking about how exactly he works with his private investors. I think that he did a great job of putting it all on the table. He and I both talked about how we found and worked with private investors in the beginning, and what we’re doing now.

Eric is an absolute master of finding and creating relationships with private investors. He is currently working with ten different private investors on various deals. Some people struggle for years trying to find one private investor and Eric has successfully created a business relationship with ten of them!

We discuss everything: from equity splits, to how we structure our deals, to exactly what type of documents we signed with our investors for each investment property.

If you are a real estate investor, this is a show you cannot afford to miss!

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