60 – Outside Rehab: to Spend or Not to Spend Money on it

This week I am going to answer questions that have been emailed to me over the last several weeks.

In this episode, I answer a listener’s question about rehabbing the outside of a flip. How much should you do on the outside of the property? I might ruffle some feathers with this answer:

  • I personally do not spend a lot of time on the outside of a property.
  • This is not to say that I don’t think curb appeal is important. I do. But you get a much bigger bang for your buck on the inside of the house.
  • If the outside is decent and presentable, you can probably get away with very light landscaping.
  • Because I live in Michigan, there are several months during the year when landscaping is a non-issue.
  • If you live somewhere like California or Florida where the weather is nice all year long, landscaping is probably going to become more important. I still, however, think that you should not go overboard on the outside of the house.

This is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. Remember, I’m here to give you my opinion as an experienced real estate investor. There is definitely more than one way to get the job done. My way is not the only way, but it is what works for me 🙂

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