50 – My Top 10 Real Estate Mistakes

In this episode, I discuss ten of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my real estate investing career over the last several years. It may be a strange way to celebrate my 50th episode, but I think telling you what I have screwed up could help you the most as you grow your business in 2014

  1. Didn’t start soon enough.
  2. Didn’t run the numbers on my first accepted deal.
  3. Tried to do some rehab myself.
  4. Didn’t make the contractor sign a release of lien.
  5. Didn’t communicate well with investors.
  6. Didn’t consistently work on finding leads.
  7. Stopped working on (real estate) education too early.
  8. Didn’t build my team sooner.
  9. Didn’t always respond to changes in the market.
  10. Didn’t help enough people.

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