EP 48: Step 9–Place Offers

  1. Once you have evaluated the leads that are coming in, and ran the numbers discussed in the last step, you are ready to place offers.
  2. Most successful real estate investors will tell you that you need to place several offers before you can expect to get one accepted.
  3. The ratio is generally 10 to 1. Ten placed offers to each accepted offer.  This is not an exact number, but you should understand that you will have to place several offers before one is accepted.
  4. This is important because you should not place one offer at a time. If you are truly ready to start investing, I would suggest placing five to ten offers in the first month.
  5. I would try to utilize the experience and knowledge of your mentor in this area. Get their opinion on the first couple of properties that you make offers on to make sure that you are on the right track.

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