44 – Step 6–Find a Realtor

1. A realtor can be one of the most important members of your team. Find one by:

a. Going to local real estate investing groups, and speaking to the members to see if you can get recommendations.

b. Other sources for locating realtors include websites like:

i. Zillow.com

ii. Tulia.com

iii. Realtor.com

Go to the sites and look in your target market. Which realtors come up again and again representing the types of houses that you would like to buy?

2. Be very careful about using family and friends as your realtor. I discussed this on previous shows; it’s a bad idea.

3. Once you have found a realtor, show them your criteria and ask them to set up a daily search for you.

a. This will start bringing qualified leads to your inbox every morning.

b. Understand that these leads are being sent to other investors as well.

c. A good realtor will only send you qualified leads and will make good suggestions on making offers and ARV (after-repair value).

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