305 – What All Successful Real Estate Investors Have in Common

Today I want to talk about action. I could have a weekly episode on this, and I still don’t think I would be talking about it enough. All the successful investors I’ve ever interviewed, despite the many differences in their business models or systems, have one very important thing in common: massive action. Every single one of them takes massive action. They all go 100 miles an hour and do multiple things every single day to build their business and to drive it forward.

When you’re starting out and you don’t have employees or anyone else taking action for you, you have to take massive action. If you do one thing today to build or grow your business and then sit and wait for a couple of weeks, it’s going to take you months or even years to get your business off the ground. If you take deliberate and massive action every single day, you will get results. You’ll make mistakes, there’s no doubt about it. But you can either make those mistakes six months from now, or you can get those mistakes out of the way tomorrow, learn from them, and move past them.

I have met so many people who seem passionate about real estate over the past 8 years, but most of them never take massive action. Massive action is the only path to success in real estate.

There are people who will hear this and it will inspire them to take massive action right now, and there are people who agree with me but won’t do anything about it. Real estate has been good to me and a lot of people I know, and it can be good to you, but not unless you take that action.

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