302 – How to Get Help in Your Business

Today I want to talk about getting help in your real estate investing business. I tend to be very impatient and I’m a little bit of a control freak, so I often have trouble asking for help.

I’m very lucky that I have my wife as my partner in my real estate investing business because I can share responsibility with her and get help from her whenever I need it. We make a great team. We complement each other; she’s good at and likes doing a lot of things I’m not good at or don’t like doing. Having your spouse as a business partner is great because you really share the same goals and understand the work you put in.

When you don’t have a partner in your business, it can be tough because you have to do everything yourself. It can be very overwhelming. I recently hired a virtual assistant. Hiring a VA can be a huge help; you can find one on Craigslist, oDesk, and many other places. It’s important to understand that if you really want to scale your business, you need to hire people to take on some of the things that you can teach. It’s ultimately going to make you more successful because you’ll be able to do more with your time. Any teachable component of your business can be handed off to someone, whether it’s to your partner or to a virtual assistant.

Now, when you’re starting out I strongly believe that you should learn how to do everything yourself. You can’t teach someone to do something until you know how to do it very well yourself. But once you’ve developed systems that you know work for your business, you can start downloading tasks to someone else.

Allow yourself to delegate certain things. It can be difficult! But I’ve learned from my own experience as well as from my successful guests that you can really free up hours of your time by delegating tasks that you don’t need to be doing yourself.

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