296 – Choose Your Path

Today, I’m going to cover a topic that’s really dear to my heart. It’s the thing that got me on track when I first made up my mind and decided to invest in real estate. My mentor told me at that time that I should focus on one aspect of real estate at a time.

For a long time, I let myself be distracted by every bright shiny object. I read about every different method of investing in real estate and I ended up not starting a single thing. My mentor told to to figure out which method appealed to me the most, put on blinders, and not think about any other aspect of the business.

The best way to learn about real estate is to actually do a deal. You need to put your head down and get good at something. Then you can expand your business model. But until you get successful at your chosen path, you should stay focused. If you spread yourself too thin, you will eventually get overwhelmed and burn out. The problem these days is information overload. The way to fight it is to restrict the amount of information that you’re taking in; it’s an important form of self-discipline.¬†Focus on something and block everything else out. And you really would be smart to find someone in your local area or online who is focused on the same goal. Once you do that, there’s really no stopping you in this business.

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