295 – Tune Out the Noise

Today I want to talk about something that can really bring you down in real estate or in anything you’re trying to do that’s off the beaten path. If everyone isn’t doing it, there will be a lot of naysayers, a lot of people telling you it can’t be done. This happens to a lot of people in real estate.

Friends and family are only trying to look out for you, but their negativity can really get to you. I want to remind you of the power of spending time with like-minded people. That’s really the most effective way to tune out the noise–fill your life with people who understand what you’re trying to do, share your goals, and support you in your efforts.

Unfortunately, it’s human nature sometimes to pull down anyone trying to claw their way out of a routine. Don’t listen to the noise. Don’t keep putting it off because you’ll get stuck on a hamster wheel of excuses. You’re probably not starting because you’re afraid of something. Be honest with yourself, figure out what you’re afraid of, and bust through it. 

If you know that you can do it, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t!

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