293 – Accountability Is Key

Today we’re going to talk about accountability. It’s not a real estate thing; it’s a business thing and even a life thing. Whenever you’re stepping out of your comfort zone or trying to do something bigger than you’ve ever done before, having people in your life keeping you accountable is critical.

That’s a big part of why we make resolutions. When you tell people what your goals and ambitions are, it helps you stay accountable. A lot of people feel like there’s power behind resolving to do something publicly, because it makes it very hard to just quietly not do it. So if you resolve to start investing in real estate and you tell your friends and family about it, it becomes really uncomfortable to tell people that you haven’t even started. Telling people about your goals keeps you accountable.

In real estate, there are a couple of ways to stay accountable:

  • Tell your friends and family about your business goals.
  • Find accountability partners who share your goals. Tell your goals to someone who’s in a similar situation or even a step or two ahead of you. You can really keep each other accountable and push each other to meet your goals.

If nobody’s checking in with you and reminding you of what you wanted to accomplish, it’s very easy to procrastinate or let fear take over.

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