286 – The Biggest Hurdle in Real Estate

With the holidays coming up and everyone’s schedule getting very hectic, this episode had to be posted on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday. Not to worry though, Friday’s episode will be on time and I hope you’ll listen to both as you wrap up your week.

In this episode, I want to break from my usual format a little bit and talk about a conversation I had with a friend about real estate. This podcast is about helping new real estate investors by giving you the tools and information you need to get started. But I recently heard this friend express his interest in investing in real estate but hesitate in actually talking to me about the business. I told him he was going about this too slowly.

I know the cycle–I went through it too. I would read about the business, read success stories, dip my toe in the pool, but I was too afraid to get started. I gave my friend the following advice:

  • Real estate is simple, but it is not easy. The information is simple, but the execution is hard. It takes hard work.
  • Fear is what keeps people from getting started. If you allow yourself to be afraid, you can get paralyzed.
  • The difference between people successful real estate investors and aspiring real estate investors is action. In a recent interview, Dennis Fassett had an interesting story about his first actions in real estate.
  • The people who push through their fear and take action are successful.
  • You’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Anything you want to know about real estate is out there for free, on the internet, right now.

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