272 – How Many Real Estate Agents Do You Know?

Today I want to talk about a member of your team that you really need to focus on and make sure you’re paying attention to: your real estate agent. You may have a license yourself or you may not. I don’t, but I understand that real estate agents are critical to the success of my business: they have access to the MLS and they work with buyers and sellers all the time. Real estate agents are a part of your team that you shouldn’t overlook, and you shouldn’t settle for the first one you find. It’s not an exclusive relationship. You should be working with a lot of different agents.

Get to know some real estate agents. They can help you find great deals, get you comps, help you connect with lenders or contractors, and a lot more. Don’t settle for an average agent though – find great, investor friendly agents. Build those relationships and get as many agents as you can sending you targeted leads. The more leads you have coming in, the higher your chances of getting a great deal! The more real estate agents you have sending you leads, the faster your business will grow.

Make it a point to meet one new real estate agent a month, or even one a week, build those relationships, and before you know it you will have deals pouring in and feeding your business.

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