254 – Celebrate Small Success

Since yesterday I gave you a little bit of tough love, today I want to talk about celebrating success.

And by that, I don’t mean celebrating the big accomplishments, the huge sales–most people have a very easy time celebrating those moments. I’m talking about not waiting for the humongous success, but celebrating every small success along the way. Maybe you got your first deal under contract, hired your first contractor, overcame an obstacle or fear, or found a great mentor or resource. Celebrate that! You haven’t made any money yet, but it’s worth celebrating.

Whatever the case may be, celebrate the little things so that you don’t get discouraged and you don’t feel like the good things only come along a few times a year. Really take time out to make sure that you’re enjoying the process. And I don’t mean you need to splurge on something big, but you should reward yourself with something meaningful to you. You’re going to enjoy this business and you’re going to do much better if you’re not just focused on drive and money.

Don’t make it all about money. Find little meaningful ways to reflect on the good things you’ve done so far.

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