244 – Getting Creative–Combining No Money Down Techniques

This week, I want to expand on the topic of “no money down” investing, which I discussed with Brandon Turner in Monday’s interview.

Today I will talk about getting creative when it comes to investing in real estate with no money down by combining different ways of buying property. This is a little more advanced and requires some planning, but can work very well.

For example, you can get an FHA loan which will allow you to buy property and put in only a very small percentage of the money. Then, to fund the rehab, you could use a hard money lender or a private money lender who you will pay back after you make a profit. You could also use a hard money lender for the purchase and then a private money lender to fill in the gap and fund the rehab. Another method would be to wholesale a property and use the money you make to fund a rehab.

So you’re combining different methods to gather all the funds necessary. This means that you don’t have to find a single source of money that can pay for absolutely everything.

All these different methods are available to you, you just have to think outside the box and get creative. There’s a lot of ways to go about investing in real estate. There are rules when it comes to borrowing money, but the possibilities are virtually endless on how you can combine different forms of funding.

If you just did a deal using a creative combination of funding methods, make sure to comment below or email me to tell me all about it!

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