EP 223: Are You Playing Offense or Defense?

In today’s episode I’m going to use a football analogy. This analogy was used on me a little while ago–I was talking to my buddy Justin Williams about this podcast and telling him about some of the frustrations and challenges that I was having with it. He said that it sounded like I was playing all defense and no offense when it came to the online portion of my business. By that, he meant that I was doing what it took to not fail, but I wasn’t really doing what I needed to do to be as successful as I want to be. Using that analogy, I want to ask you the same thing about your business.

Are you playing defense in your business or in your efforts to start your business? Playing defense in real estate means doing a lot of work that isn’tĀ helping you:

  • find deals
  • or fund deals

If you’re spending a lot of time having business cards printed out, worrying about logos, trying to figure out Quickbooks, or worrying about getting your LLC off the ground–or even if you’re spending all your time looking through deals and crunching numbers instead of taking action, that’s a lot of defense. You’re doing a lot of investigation and busywork and it makes you feel like you’re doing something, but you’re never in attack mode and there’s nothing aggressive about it. None of those activities are offensive. You’re not attacking it. By attacking it, I mean maybe driving for dollars, sitting down with your realtor and telling them what you’re looking for, or making offers.

This ties into massive action, which I talk about a lot. There’s a step below massive action, where you’re just treading water. You’re spending energy, it feels like you’re moving, but you’re just standing still. Playing defense in your business is a lot like that.

Make sure that in your business you’re spending at least half your time playing offense. If you’re always playing defense, you’re never going to get anywhere.

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