222 – Feed Your Brain

In today’s episode, I just want to give you a friendly reminder to feed your brain. And by that I mean you should be feeding your brain good stuff, not garbage.

I like a good reality show once in a while, I have to admit. And mindless entertainment can be good for you as well. But it’s important to feed your brain good stuff too–stuff that inspires you, stuff that makes you think bigger than you normally would have thought, or stuff that makes you appreciate what you have.

It doesn’t all have to be about real estate. A few episodes ago, I shared with you the podcasts I listen too regularly, and it’s a good cross-section between entertaining, educational, and inspirational things. I think all of this is important because there’s times when you get into a rut in terms of how you think. I personally need to remind myself to think bigger sometimes–I get too focused on the details, and I need to remind myself of what why long-term goals are.

In the past, I’ve played things like Steve Jobs‘ Stanford commencement address. I’m a big Steve Jobs fan, and I didn’t always used to be. He had his faults as a person and in the way he treated people, but as a businessman he was hugely impressive. So reading his book is very inspiring for me. I also draw a lot of inspiration from other real estate investors who I really look up to, as well as other businesspeople in general. For example, John Lee Dumas is a podcaster’s dream–he is the ultimate success story in podcasting. He’s inspirational for me, so much so that I hired him to help me with my podcast. Patt Flynn is another guy who inspires me. So are the guys over at Fizzle.co.

There’s a lot of different ways to be inspired. I’m inspired by great leaders in all different industries. I love reading about them, watching documentaries about them, and feeding my brain inspirational messages from successful people.

It’s important to stay inspired and continue to feed your brain good stuff; good things will come of it.

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