EP 214: Is It Harder to Flip Houses During the Cold Months?

Today I want to cover a question that was asked in the mastermind forum of the Fail Fast Flipping Program. Someone asked about flipping houses in the winter (for those of us in areas of the world where there is snow, ice, and freezing temperatures). Usually, there are fewer buyers in the winter months than in the spring and summer. In the midwest, real estate is much busier over the summer. So as a new real estate investor, you might be wondering what you should do during the winter. Should you plan around those months and try not to have a house ready to be sold in December or January?

My response to this is always the same: it takes a lot of energy to get something in motion. Once a boulder gets rolling, it’s a lot easier to keep it rolling. I look at marketing and finding deals in the same way. If you stop marketing in October because you don’t want to be selling in the winter and then try to start up again in March, you will be putting in a huge effort to start getting leads coming in again. You’re really going to limit how much time in a year you can invest in real estate.

Yes, there are fewer buyers in the winter, but there are also fewer houses for sale in the winter. So if someone is looking to move, there will be less inventory. You’re still going to be able to sell houses in the winter, and if you want to be in real estate full-time, you can’t just decide not to work for months at a time. This is year-round business. As someone who has been flipping houses for over six years now, I really don’t care what time of the year it is. If I find a good deal, I’m buying it.

There are also some benefits in the winter months. For example, landscaping is a non-issue; you don’t have to worry about weeds or flowers and you can save money that way.

I’ve never experienced trouble selling houses in the wintertime. Don’t let the winter stop you, and don’t overthink this industry. You should be doing two things all the time:

  • finding deals
  • securing financing

Those are your main jobs as a real estate investor. Everything else is details.

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