EP 211: Podcasts that I Listen to Each Week

Yesterday I shared some observations that I made while I was on vacation and pulled back the curtain on my schedule and what I have going on in my business. I’m going to continue that trend today and give you a sneak peak into what and who I listen to–the types of podcasts and people that I find informative and helpful.

I obviously believe in podcasts and believe that they are powerful and can be extremely educational, informative, and even entertaining. There are some great podcasts out there that you should be listening to. I’m going to go through my list and tell you which podcasts I subscribe to and think are good. I’m sure I’m going to miss a ton–there are so many great podcasts out there. This list includes real estate podcasts I listen to, as well as non-real estate podcasts I listen to and why.

  • The James Altucher Show: A couple of weeks ago, I read a blog post he had done and edited it to fit the purpose of my show. James Altucher is a writer and investor–he’s not a real estate guy. I think he’s really interesting and a great writer. Some of his posts can be a bit more adult-oriented or edgy, but he is a cool, smart guy and I get a lot of inspiration from him. He really has a new, fresh perspective on business.
  • Let’s Talk Real Estate: This show is created by Sharon Vorholt, who I have interviewed before on the show. She also participated in my All-Star Q&A Series last month. Sharon is a wholesaler, she’s super successful, has been doing this for a long time, and really knows her stuff. I suggest you check this one out.
  • REI Talk Detroit: Dennis Fassett, who I interviewed a while back, runs this podcast about investing in and around the city of Detroit. This is obviously a Southeast Michigan oriented podcast so for some of you it might not be very relevant to your target market, but the real estate lessons that are learned on this podcast can really be applied anywhere.
  • Landlord University: This is run by a couple of very cool guys, one of which is the owner of Rent Prep. Rent Prep was a sponsor of mine a while back, I have been interviewed on their podcast and I have interviewed them on my podcast. Their podcast is really great, especially if you’re a landlord.
  • Online Marketing Made Easy: Amy Porterfield is an online marketer who made herself famous because she’s a Facebook expert. This isn’t a real estate podcast, but I get some very good ideas on growing my audience from her.
  • Ask Pat: This is a newer podcast by Pat Flynn, who is a giant in the area of passive income and making money online. I really enjoy his podcasts and he comes across as very genuine. I would definitely also recommend his flagship podcast Smart Passive Income, which has a lot of interviews with some amazing entrepreneurs.
  • House Flipping HQ: This is run by Justin Williams, who I have become friends with in the past few months. He is a real estate investor in California who flips over a hundred houses a year. I suggest you check out his podcast if you haven’t already!
  • Bigger Pockets Podcast: These guys are awesome and have some of the best interviews and content out there. The Bigger Pockets website is truly a real estate investing hub.
  • Epic Real Estate Investing: This is run by Matt Theriault, who I have interviewed on this show as well. It’s a very popular podcast and Matt is a very smart real estate investor with some great insights from his business. I learn something and am inspired every time I listen to his podcast.
  • The Adam Carolla Show: This is definitely not a real estate podcast, but Adam is one of the most popular podcasters across all genres. He’s an incredibly talented comedian and I definitely would encourage you to check out his podcast if you want to be entertained!
  • Mixergy: This one is run by Andrew Warner, who also has the Mixergy website. He interviews all different entrepreneurs from all different walks of life. He really is a master interviewer.
  • Entrepreneur on Fire: When I started getting into podcasting, I knew that I needed a mentor to get things moving in the right direction fast. I turned to John Lee Dumas for help, and he really is fantastic and inspirational in the world of podcasting. He has built a huge podcasting empire in a very short period of time, and he produces a podcast seven days a week.
  • The Fizzle Show: Three guys host this show and they have a membership site called Fizzle.co. I am a member and these guys talk about entrepreneur and business issues, creating something you’re proud of, and of course learning to monetize it. They have great personalities and are very fun to listen to.

These are the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis–if not every day, then for sure every week. I love them and make it a priority to listen to them. Some inspire me, while others entertain me and make me laugh. Diversify your podcast list and try out some of these podcasts. Let me know your thoughts or suggest anything else you think is good in the comments!

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