210 – Observations of a Well-Rested Brain

In this episode, I do somewhat of a brain dump. I recently got back from a much needed vacation, and while I was gone I had time to sit back and evaluate my business. My wife and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary last week by going to Mexico. We ended up staying an all-inclusive resort near Cancun. It was awesome, and gave me a lot of time to rest and reflect on my family as well as my business. I made a few observations and was able to clear my head and focus on what is really important to me going forward. I would like to share some of my observations, as well as list my top priorities in the next few weeks.

Observation Number One – I need to become more serious about hiring an assistant for my real estate investing business. I am somewhat of a control freak, and also incredibly impatient.  These traits do not lend themselves well to delegating! That being said, I recognize that there are things that I do in my business every day that I should not be doing. Small tasks that could easily be delegated to an assistant need to stop ending up on my plate.

Observation Number Two – While I was gone, my virtual assistant who helps me with my online business, the podcast and blog, did a phenomenal job.  I knew she would. I really had no doubt. But the realization that things can get done, and done well, while I’m on vacation was huge for me.  Like I said, I’m a control freak, so getting positive confirmation that others can step in when I’m not around was wonderful.

Observation Number Three – I need to continue to get outside of my comfort zone and look for new ways to grow my business (both online and real estate investing). I really do love real estate and I am excited about my business and where it’s going. I’m also excited about growing my podcast and blog. It has been an amazing 10 months and I have enjoyed helping countless people with their business. I want to expand my reach and help even more people.

Those are a few of the observations that I made while on vacation. Below is a snapshot of the next several days for me and my business. I plan to work even harder on both my real estate investment business as well as my online business.


1. Content: My podcast is a five day a week podcast– I produce new content five days a week, Monday through Friday. Creating that much content can be challenging sometimes, but I am going to focus on digging deep and finding contacts that hold tremendous value for my audience. I am going to expand my reach and network in order to find the best and brightest real estate investors and bring them to you. They may be new or they may be experienced, but I want to provide you with the most compelling interviews that provide the most value and help you in your journey in real estate.

2. I’m going to empower my VA to do more. Like I said, she’s doing a fantastic job, but I know that she has the capacity to do way more than I’m asking. She’s ready and eager to take on the challenge, and I am excited to make her a bigger part of my business. This will allow me to do more long-term planning and content creation. I have a meeting on Wednesday of this week with her where we will discuss exactly that.

3. I want to create products and services that my audience wants and needs. I’m not talking about products that are cranked out that have minimal or no real value to my audience. I’m talking about really finding out what my audience needs in order to be successful, and providing exactly that. I always want to provide ten times more value that what I ask for in return.

4. I want to give away more for free. By this I mean I don’t just want to provide products and services that cost money, I also want to find creative new ways to help my listeners for free. This could come via e-book, video content, case studies, or maybe even beta testing upcoming products.

5. I am going to reach out to sponsors that I believe in and that are of value to my listeners. Sponsors are ultimately what are going to help me keep this podcast alive–a quick 30 second or one minute advertisement at the beginning of the podcast, or a quick advertisement at the end. I know the advertising can be distracting and frustrating– that’s why I only want to reach out to companies that I feel are relevant to my listeners.

6. I plan to refine and optimize the Just Start Real Estate blog in order to make it more user-friendly and easier to find for anyone interested in learning about real estate.


1. Today I’m going to meet with a young real estate investor that I have heard a lot of good things about. He is supposed to be very young, and I think that could work very nicely with me and my business. I am always on the lookout for someone who could help strengthen my team and who I could provide value to as well.

2. Tomorrow I am going to meet with a hungry new wholesaler in my area. This person reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in meeting with him and helping him start his wholesaling business off right. I plan to mentor and help this new wholesaler as much as possible, so that they set up a whole selling business–this ultimately will help feed my business and also help him grow in the process. It can be difficult at times to find a good wholesaler, and I think that helping new wholesalers get started is one of the smartest things that real estate investors can do.

3. On Wednesday I am having a meeting with my virtual assistant via Skype. We are going to discuss the blog, the podcast, and all of the things that I would like her to help me with going forward.

4. I started a new direct mail campaign last Friday. I expect calls to start coming in early this week. This is going to be a big part of my acquisition strategy in the coming months.

5. Later this week, I am going to be speaking to a new potential private investor. This particular individual is located outside of Michigan and I am excited to speak with him about working together in the future.

6. Oh yeah, and I also will be most likely picking up a couple more houses within the next ten days. I always get fired up about buying properties to flip. It is the core of my business and something I love doing.

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