21 – For Sale By Owner

Things to consider

1. Your availability

a. Do you have a full time job?

b. Are you able to take phone calls throughout the day?

c. Are you willing to take phone calls throughout the day?

d. Are you able to show the house when necessary?

e. Are you comfortable “selling”?

2. Is the property close enough to you for selling on your own to be feasible?

3. Do you have a lawyer or title company that can help you with the paperwork?

a. Laws and regulation govern the purchase agreement and many other documents.

b. You have to be careful when filling out documents on you own.

4. Is it worth your time to handle the sale?

a. Avoid commissions (3%)

b. What else could you be doing with that time?

  1. Finding more houses.
  2. Securing financing.
  3. Talking to motivated sellers.
  4. Building a team in order to scale your business.

5. Realtors have more buyers. Typically, buyers go to realtors to help them buy–it costs them nothing.


I personally use a realtor to sell all my houses; selling them on my own is not the best use of my time.

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