206 – Four Apps I Use Every Day

Today I am going to talk about some of the apps that I use in my business every day. Hopefully you can benefit from them too!

These are some of the tools of the trade that are absolutely worth downloading and trying. I am not an affiliate for any of these, but I use them and I think that they’re helpful. I have an iPhone right now, but all these apps should be available for both iPhone and Android.

  • SignEasy: This app lets me scan my signature and insert it into any document I need to sign on the go. I can size it so it fits the document, and it looks great when the document is printed.
  • Zillow/Trulia/HomeSnap: I use all of these to find preliminary information on houses. I discovered HomeSnap recently, and it allows you to just take a picture of a house and see its address, the square footage, number of bedrooms, and the current market value. It will also tell you the prices of the houses that surround it. This app is really great because you really don’t need to know anything about a property to look it up, and I also think the values it gives you are more accurate than the ones you find on Zillow or Trulia.
  • Dropbox: If you’re not using Dropbox, you should be. I use it to share files with my realtors, my business partners, my investors, my virtual assistant who helps me with this podcast. It’s very convenient for sharing larger files like video walkthroughs or instructional videos for my VA.
  • MetroFax: I use this all the time to easily and intuitively fax documents and have never had any issues with it. Of course, there are more apps that serve this purpose, so feel free to download whichever looks best to you.

You can download and use these apps today in your business to help you be more organized, more efficient, and get more done.

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