EP 182: All-Star Q & A with Sharon Vornholt–Automation

In this episode, I continue my month long All-Star Q&A Series. All month, I am going to be asking some of the most incredible real estate investors that I have interviewed over the past seven months questions that I commonly get from new real estate investors. This is an incredibly powerful series and I am really excited to bring it to you. We are continuing the series with the following question: Should a new real estate investor try to automate their business right from the start, and if so, what can and should be automated?

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Sharon explains at the very beginning of her answer that one of her biggest regrets in her business is not outsourcing sooner. She tried to do it all herself for too long. She also admits that entrepreneurs are very do-it-yourself oriented.

Sharon defined automation in two ways:

  1. Creating systems

  2. Outsourcing

Sharon believes that real estate investors should create systems and start outsourcing as soon as possible so that they can step away from the day-to-day business, and begin working on their business instead of in their business.

One good way to create a system is to use common forms and scripts for things like talking to motivated sellers. Once you have a form that everyone can use, you can outsource this activity. This is a form of automation.

Sharon makes it clear that she feels real estate investors should start automating from day one. The one thing she says to keep in mind, however, is that, before you can automate, you need to understand how to do what you are outsourcing. This is necessary in order for you to successfully and properly train whoever is going to be doing the task.

Some of the things that Sharon feels just about anyone can outsource are:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Direct mail
  • Posting Craigslist ads
  • Website maintenance
  • Social media
  • List maintenance

Sharon suggests that you take the time as soon as possible to make a list of all the things that you do in your business that you don’t want to have to do. Also make a list of all of the things that you would like to do, but never seem to get to. These are great candidates for things that you should outsource.

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