18 – Put Appliances in Your Flip

Should you put appliances in your flips?

Are appliances considered staging?

  1. Appliances could be considered staging.
  2. The kitchens and bathrooms are the most critical rooms.
  3. Appliances finish off probably the most important room.

I put appliances in all of my flips now, but I didn’t didn’t used to. Putting appliances in can be part of the rehab budget.

  1. They make the kitchen look much better; otherwise it looks kind of empty.
  2. They don’t have to be stainless, depending on the location.
  3. Scratches and dents:
    1. if dent or scratch is hidden – ok
    2. at the beginning of the project, start looking for sales
    3. should get: stove, hood (or built in microwave), refrigerator, and dishwasher

Even if you don’t do a lot of staging, kitchen appliances should be considered.

If you chose not to put them in, you can always offer them as incentive for buyers who are on the fence.

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