103 – The Power of One

In this episode, I talk about what I call power of one. It’s one connection, one introduction, or one meeting. In real estate, or any other business for that matter, your entire world can be changed by one individual, one partnership, or one meeting. What are you doing to find that one thing that will change your business forever?

Today was a busy and productive day in my business. Aside from the normal daily activities, I met with a friend of mine who’s a very successful buy-and-hold investor, I had a coaching call with a student of mine, and now I’m here doing this podcast. These are all very important things in my business. All of them give me an opportunity to either help someone else, or for me to gain insight into someone else’s business, or for me to connect with you, my listeners, through the podcast.

In both of my meetings today, the subject of networking came up. In my meeting with my friend who is a buy-and-hold investor, we discussed how his business changed forever after he found an investor who was interested in him and liked what he was doing. This investor has funded the majority of the deals that he has done over the last three years. It’s a huge win-win situation for both him and his investor. Everyone’s happy and everyone is making a lot of money. And none of it would’ve been at all possible if my friend had not been talking about his business. He did not know that this investor would someday fund almost his entire real estate investing business.

It got us both thinking about our businesses and what has made the biggest difference. Both of us agree that networking with others, talking about our business, and sharing our experiences has led to relationships that have completely changed our business for the better. I have found all of my private investors through networking, and all but one of them were from face-to-face encounters.

During my coaching call, I stressed to one of my students the importance of taking every opportunity to go to real estate investor meetings, and to invite experienced investors out to lunch or coffee to talk about their business and offer any assistance that you can to them. ¬†When I was a new investor, the single most important thing in my business was the networking connections I made. They ultimately ended up funding my business for the last six years. I haven’t used my own money to fund a deal in five years. That was only possible through meeting people and making connections.

So never underestimate the power of one. One connection, one meeting, one phone call, or one introduction. Each of these things, on any given day, can absolutely take your business to the next level. The next time you think about skipping that event in real estate, ask yourself this question: is today the day when you meet the one person that will end up changing your life forever?

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