101 – Don't Waste Time With Bad Realtors!

In this episode, I discuss what to do if your realtor stops being responsive or seems unwilling to give you the information you need to be successful as a real estate investor.  Just like anyone else, not all realtors are created equal.  You should not waste your time working with people who are not interested in working with you.

This topic came to me during an email conversation with one of my coaching students.  One of the things I stressed to him to do right from the beginning was to contact several realtors and find one that seems willing to work with him as an investor.  He found one that seemed right for him.  But after only a few days, the realtor stopped being responsive. Here is the deal: there is no shortage of realtors out there.  If you find a really good one, hang on to them; if you encounter a not so good one, cut them loose.  Do not spend one minute longer with a realtor who isn’t responding.  You do not have time for that!

Here is a list of things that your realtor should be willing to do for you (at a minimum!):

  • Send you TARGETED leads.
  • Give you an accurate ARV for any requested properties.
  • Be available for questions.
  • Give you access to houses you are interested in placing offers on.
  • Assist you in negotiating prices with other realtors.

It is usually very difficult to convince a realtor that you will be a profitable client in the beginning.  Once your business starts taking off, the benefit should be obvious to them. That being said, do NOT settle for poor service or a dismissive attitude.  It is important to your business to find a great realtorThey are out there…go find one!


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