325 – Mark Dennis – Rising Star Real Estate Investor

This Week’s Episode:

Mark Dennis joins me on this episode of Just Start Real Estate. A former NFL player, Mark has taken that natural tenacity from the gridiron and put it toward real estate. As Mark says, “Entrepreneurialism is like a weed. It’s tough to kill it and make it go away.”

In this conversation, you will hear Mark explain how his career as a professional football player helped shape his mentality and make him a natural in real estate. Individuals that play organized sports have a unique skill-set and strong traits.

Mark is a coaching client and a case-study in accepting guidance and expecting results. He explains the transition from football to real estate and he describes the decisions he’s made and strategies he’s implemented with his business.

If investing and real estate is your dream, there is only one way you can make it reality…JUST START!

Connect with Mark Dennis:

Website: http://agaperealestate.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markfdennis

You’ll Learn:

  • [06:52] – Mark talks about his life before real estate. Football was always the means to an end for Mark. He shares how football helped shape his mentality.
  • [10:55] – With a plan for football to set himself up for a career after his years in the NFL ended, Mark talks about how that transition happened. Mark describes how he had all of the puzzle pieces and this process led to him being able to put all of those pieces together.
  • [15:30] – With his background in football, Mark understands the value of coaching. This is why he pursued coaching in his real estate career.
  • [20:47] – Mark talks about the process of starting to work with a coach and implementing a plan. This leads to a discussion on coaching philosophy.
  • [25:14] – Mark shares some of the changes and breakthroughs he’s experienced since he started receiving coaching.
  • [27:12] – I explain what an acquisitions person and a dispositions person is and the roles they play in the deal.
  • [28:12] – Mark talks about his short-term plans, which includes adding a dispositions person and putting his team in place.
  • [30:30] – Mark shares his lead generation strategies.
  • [32:52] – Mark explains why he hired someone to handle the phones. He also shares why he hired someone to handle acquisitions. Finding the right people to hire is vital. He describes why the acquisitions person is such a good fit.
  • [38:37] – Mark also hired a bookkeeper. This will be an invaluable move for him as he scales his business. I agree with Mark on this move. My favorite hire is our bookkeeper.
  • [41:29] – Mark talks about setting 74 goals and being strategic about his growth, including sustainability.


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