1 – First Show

Photo1 21Thank you for listening to my first show!

In this introductory episode, I share with you my vision for this podcast and lay the groundwork for what is to come in the weeks, months, and years ahead! I give you a little bit of background on me and what type of real estate investing I am currently focusing on. The format of the show is also laid out for you, so that you know exactly what to expect each and every time you tune in to JustStartRealEstate.

JustStartRealEstate is a podcast dedicated to, and focused on, new and aspiring real estate investors. I do not go into long descriptions of extremely complex, high-level real estate investing techniques. What I hope to accomplish through my podcast is to equip new real estate investors with the basic knowledge and insights from top experts in the field, so that they are able to start their real estate career.

Through my experiences, and those of my guests, I hope to demonstrate the power of real estate investing done properly, and to prove that waiting to get started is the worst thing that you can do. Time and time again I am told that, if there was one thing that my guests could do differently, they would have started sooner. I want to show all of my listeners that, once you’ve gained the basic knowledge that you need, it is important that you Just Start!

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