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I’m back!

I’ve had a crazy last few months. There have been significant changes in my business that I’m thrilled to share with you! The content I have for you based on my own experiences and my own business alone is so valuable.

My guest for today’s episode is someone who’s done incredible things for my business, and I think he can help you with yours too.


Dan Barrett is the owner of Adwords Nerds, the only agency of its kind that works exclusively with real estate investors. This is a company I’m currently working with and getting real world results from. They’re a fully certified Google partner, and they’ve really transformed my business lately, bringing me more online leads that I ever thought was possible.

Dan is the coolest guy I’ve ever worked with, and he’s super knowledgeable. His company is always transparent and incredibly client-focused.  They will work with you for an entire month for free, with no obligation to you. On top of that, they always work month-to-month so you can always end your service if you’re not happy with it.

Try it today, guys.  And as a thank you for listening to this podcast, they’re offering an exclusive free 60-minute consultation with Dan to talk about your business. I can tell you from experience that the first month I worked with Adwords Nerds paid for itself ten times over.

So, let’s dive into the interview.

Dan comes from a very interesting background. He was training to be a high school history teacher and has a Master’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Education. But he’d also always been involved in music and been in bands. To be able to promote his band, he started learning how to build websites and promote them online. He eventually began freelancing in web design and working in SEO optimization. About five years ago, Dan made the decision to take his tech business full-time.

He made the jump into Two Friendly Nerds, which started as a web design and SEO agency. About two years, they started doing pay-per-click advertising, and then last year Dan started doing Adwords management specifically for real estate investors. He wanted to dig deeply into a single market and understand his clients and their process from start to finish.  Listen to the full interview to find out how Dan settled on real estate as the niche market he wanted to focus on—it’s a funny story!

In the past year (or less), Adwords Nerds has worked with 25 real estate companies of all sizes. Dan is very interested in comparing data across all these different markets and strategies to figure out what works across the board and what is helpful for each particular client.

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to think that you needed to find money to start investing in real estate. I’ve since realized that the single most important thing you can do as an investor (even if you woke up this morning and decided to invest in real estate) is lead generation. Once you have a deal, you will be able to make money off it—money flocks to good deals.

My business relationship with Dan started with an online conversation about how we might be able to work together, followed by a consultation. I initially told Dan that I don’t really want to learn Adwords myself, I just wanted to outsource it. Dan started learning my market, playing with keywords, and fine-tuning some data. About a week and a half later, I got my first lead and signed the deal—I realized I had spent only $10 to get this lead, and I ended up making $12,000 flipping that house. Now, I don’t know that that happens every time, but that was my result just a couple of weeks in.

Dan and I are going to create a case study of my experience with Adwords Nerds. We’re going to be very transparent about how many leads I’m getting through my website, how they’re converting, and what I’m making. We will be checking in and strategizing right on the podcast. My results so far have been pretty great, and I’m excited to share this process with you.

I love this quote from Dan:

It’s all math. When you can figure out how to profitably generate a deal (and Adwords will tell you that very objectively), that is the formula you can use for the rest of your business life.

So if Adwords says it cost you $1000 to generate a $10,000 deal, you can decide whether that works for you, tweak the formula, and use it over and over again.

Don’t miss this interview for more incredible tips from Dan, and I hope you’ll take advantage of his offer for a free consultation about your business and a free first month of service! Click here to sign up now.

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  1. Max on 08/10/2015 at 10:45 PM

    WELCOME BACK MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been missed.
    Great episode. Cannot not wait to hear more about where your business is headed. On your next podcast intro would you let us, your listeners, know how frequent you plan on releasing episodes since I am sure like me may of your regular listeners have had to find other podcasts to fill our listening time. Need to work you back into our schedules so knowing if you are going to be back to 5 days/week or 3 days/week or whatever would help. Thanks and glad to have you back behind the microphone.

    • Mike Simmons on 09/07/2015 at 11:38 AM

      Max, I appreciate that! Yeah, I agree, I am really trying to figure out how regular I will be releasing episodes. I will let everyone know soon! Thanks for the welcome back message!!!!!

  2. Tara Brown on 02/06/2016 at 6:58 PM

    Hey Mike…great podcast! When are you gonna do the follow-up podcast with Dan regarding your adwords?

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