322 – Bill Allen Flight Instructor and Real Estate Investor

Bill Allen is an active duty Navy pilot who fell into real estate investing due to his constant military moves. He has moved 12 times in his 14 year Navy career so far and may have two more to go. He got his start in real estate as an accidental landlord when he moved from Pensacola, Florida in 2011 to England to go to test pilot school. When he got back to the US, he was getting married and wanted to figure out a way to fully retire in his early 40’s. Bill started buying rental houses and quickly realized that he was running out of money to build enough passive income to fully retire on.

That’s when he turned to house flipping to build the capital required to buy more rentals. Bill started a company called Blackjack Real Estate, LLC and he enjoyed flipping houses so much that he has continued to use that strategy for the last two years. In 2016, Bill has committed to a large marketing plan and is moving toward a wholesaling and flipping business. His 2016 goals are to renovate at least twelve houses in his current farm area of Pensacola, FL and to wholesale at least 20 properties. With a full time job, he has turned to systems and building a business as opposed to just creating another job for himself.

In today’s podcast, we talk with Bill about what made him so successful. He says that aside from not getting bogged down with the numbers and analysis, he looks for a lot of foreclosures and using a direct-marketing approach or he looks for what would make a great rental property for his area.

He said that networking, acknowledging his unfair advantage and buying lunch for mentors has helped him become successful. Later, he has become a mentor himself by encouraging people by getting involved and learning how to talk to people, driving around and looking for deals, sending hand-written letters and other tips to JUST START!

Bill also has experience in evaluating and raising money for commercial properties, self-directed IRAs, as well as private and hard money lending. If you would like to get in touch with Bill, you can find him on Bigger Pockets under William Allen, visit his website at www.blackjackre.com, Facebook at www.facebook.com/blackjackestate or email him at bill@blackackre.com.


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