32 – Alan Cowgill

Alan CowgillIn this episode, I interview Alan Cowgill. Alan is a world famous real estate investing expert in the area of private funding. Alan shares his philosophies on private funding, as well as some best practices. It was a true pleasure to interview Alan and pick his brain about private funding and structuring real estate deals in a way that is a win-win for all parties.

Alan discussed his previous career, and what prompted him to get started in real estate investing and take it to the next level.

Alan shared that his first private investor was actually his own mother. After the death of his father, his mother came in to funds that she was not able to get a high return on through traditional means. Alan realized that he could double and even triple his mother’s returns through real estate. This was an eye opening moment for him, and got him on the path of using private investors to fund his real estate deals.

Since that time, Alan has bought and sold hundreds of properties. In the podcast, he shared the numbers on one of his most recent transactions and exactly how he funded the whole thing. It is a good lesson for all real estate investors to see exactly how Alan structures deals, and to understand that private funding can be a powerful tool in your real estate investing business.

Check out this episode and I guarantee you’ll come away with some very good information that you can apply to your real estate business.


www.privatelendingmadeeasy.com – Alan website where you can get all of his products as well as a lot of free information as well!

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